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My Brothas of Valor  LLC
Ezekiel 22:30 " And I sought for a man among them...........

For Sistas In Need of Manpower Support Services 


About - My Brothas of Valor is a Christian Social Network Service that offers male support services for women. In particular, women of color seeking male support services for their daily business and personal needs. The men are from various towns and cities, age 18 years old & older who are ready to join simply to provide  help services to Sistas in Need of Manpower support.  Support help services such as:  A gentlemen to accompany you to a church social, business event or any special occasion that requires a male guest. Perhaps your daughter is excited about going to the prom, but she doesn't have a young gentlemen to escort her.  My Brothas of Valor can gladly assist.  Or you may be a married sista who has a husband who is working on a special outdoor project but your husband needs additional manpower support. My Brothas of Valor are  willing to give him a help in hand.  These are only a few of the help services from our service list ( found on Services page) our Brothas of Valor are willing to connect, help and serve.

Why My Brothas of Valor - Women of color are at the top of the list when it comes to obtaining male support for everyday business and personal needs. Sometimes what may appear to be minor needs to others, can become overwhelming to Sistas with little or no male support, but a Brotha of Valor is able to step up to the call and put an end to the challenge.
We expect our Brothas of Valor to receive Cash Gift Cards as a generous offering every time they volunteer to help a Sista In need.
(Cash gift cards procedure on next page)
And that's not all, brothas who are recognized for providing the best help support to the Sistas will be rated by you and become eligible for our
$500 cash award at our 2014 Annual Brothas of Valor Gala Black Tie Awards Event.  Plus the Sista who invites the most friends to join (either male friends who you believe should become a brotha of valor or your female friends in need of male support services) can become eligible to win a free $100 gift card in our annual drawing and use the card to treat yourself or use your gift card for a Brothas of Valor help service (s)  

Sistas & Brothas we look forward to you signing up and doing business with us. Please enjoy your search for the Brotha of Valor with a willing  heart to serve.





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